We Are Green Tree Orchards

At Green Tree Orchards, our commitment to growing high-quality apples is deeply rooted within the West Michigan area. Fred Rasch is a 5th generation apple grower who has spent the last decade passing on his love of agriculture to his two sons, Ryan and Jordan Rasch. The Rasch family plans to uphold the three pillars of GTO: Quality, Excellence and Integrity, for many generations to come.

Of the three pillars, Quality is of the utmost importance. We always grow our fruit using the proper chemical practices and stewardship of the soil. Our outstanding workers and staff ensure these best practices are upheld each and every day. The remaining pillars, Excellence and Integrity, are not far behind as we continue to grow our product offering and company based on the best interest of our land and those we serve.

As part of our mission to offer Quality, Excellence and Integrity in all that we do, GTO never stops looking for new, innovative ways to serve our customers. In recent years, we’ve expanded our operation to include sweet cherries, as well as fresh apples. We are also working on building out our online ordering capabilities and bulk-purchasing ability. There are always exciting things in the works at Green Tree Orchards, and we can’t wait to see what the next generation has in store for us!